Revolution - Single touch, self contained,

​fresh bean to cup coffee, 1 or 2 bean hoppers,

3 internal canisters  and decaf pour in option,

18 drink options, state of the art touch screen. Designed for car dealerships and mid to large size businesses. Advertising available on front screen. All drinks are programmable. 24" deep, 31" high (includes hopper), 16" wide. 85 lbs. ​Average cost per drink .30 - .50. 120 volts.

​Coffee and Espresso Machines designed for Offices, Cafes and Food Service Coffee Solutions


All equipment is available for purchase, rental or Free placement. We supply coffee

(beans, ground or pods) and all accompanying products. We also provide service.

We will customize a program to best fit your business. 

Contact us to see how we can best help to satisfy your company's office coffee needs. Tel 310-889-8714

Lavazza Espresso Machine

Designed for offices, restaurants, cafes, salons, apartment buildings... Easy use and durable. Makes 2, 3 and 4 oz. espresso shots. Has milk steamer. Designed for restaurants

and offices 5-20 cups per day. 1 gallon Water tank. Does not require water line. 14" high, 9" wide, 12" deep. 20 lbs. Collection drawer holds 32 cartridges. 120 Volts.

Traditional Brewers
Aroma 5500​

Aroma 5500​- Single touch, self contained, fresh bean to cup coffee, designed for businesses and food service purposes. Unique feature, 4 internal canisters which allows for 1 additional ingredient (typically Chai Tea). All drinks are programmable. Has 12 coffee drink selections. 31" high (includes hopper), 24"deep, 20" wide, 85 lbs. 

Average cost​ per drink .30 - .50. 120 volts.

Aroma 5000​Single touch, self contained, fresh bean to cup coffee, designed for most businesses, car dealerships and food service purposes. Quiet grind. 3 internal canisters, makes 10 programmable drink selections. 

33" high, 20" deep, 17" wide, 80 lbs.

Average cost per drink .30 - .50.120 volts.

Traditional Brewers. Designed for Cafes, Restaurants and offices. New and refurbished available.


Aroma 5000